Introduction to jQuery

jQuery is a web developer’s best friend when it comes to handling JavaScript tasks efficiently. If you have a good command of Java, getting used to the framework will be a piece of cake. If not, there isn’t much to worry about – jQuery is fairly straightforward and has a smooth learning curve. The framework […]

Strings in JavaScript

As a rule of thumb, you can’t attach a method or a property to a primitive value. However, in JavaScript, primitive values are treated as objects – thus, you can add properties and methods to them. In JS, a primitive value is called a string. You can wrap strings with helper methods. In this post, […]

Date and Time in JavaScript

Knowing how to handle date and time is crucial both for offering website users high-quality user experience and handling server-side operations. To help page visitors search for the latest blog entries, comments or messages, validate inputs and organize content, a developer needs to be skilled at manipulating date and time JavaScript objects. Being able to […]

How To Add JavaScript to HTML

As you browse the Internet, finding an HTML-only page is next to impossible. Most websites integrate JavaScript to increase interactivity, give more functional power and versatility to the page. Knowing how to introduce JS to a static page is a basic skill every front-end developer should have. There are several ways to connect JavaScript and […]

Parsing JSON in Java: An Introduction

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a commonly used format for storing and transferring data, especially in mobile apps and web programming. The data is stored in a simple text format, and can store nearly anything, including arrays and objects as just a collection of plain text. Because it is just plain text, it is […]

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