Date and Time in JavaScript

Knowing how to handle date and time is crucial both for offering website users high-quality user experience and handling server-side operations. To help page visitors search for the latest blog entries, comments or messages, validate inputs and organize content, a developer needs to be skilled at manipulating date and time JavaScript objects. Being able to […]

How To Add JavaScript to HTML

As you browse the Internet, finding an HTML-only page is next to impossible. Most websites integrate JavaScript to increase interactivity, give more functional power and versatility to the page. Knowing how to introduce JS to a static page is a basic skill every front-end developer should have. There are several ways to connect JavaScript and […]

Objects in JavaScript

There’s no way to learn JavaScript without getting the hang of objects. In JS, they are dominant and widely used. The thing is, all JS values can be referred to as objects – numbers, strings, arrays, booleans, arrays, functions, regular expressions, maths, etc. The only instance when the value is not an object is when […]

How To Use Classes in JavaScript

Until recently, the concept of classes didn’t exist in JavaScript. The syntax element was introduced in 2015. Having said that, JS classes don’t have as many distinct properties as those in Java do. In this post, we’ll discuss what you can do with classes in JavaScript, how they are different from Java ones, and what […]

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